Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I was sad.....


I have been wanting to write a frustration situation that happened this past Sunday. I want to preface this by saying most Sundays are the same busy way of me trying to keep three children semi-quiet and in one spot while we worship during three hours. This is my favorite and most busy day of week during the summer and I always look forward to church.

Sunday I had on a fragrance I thought smelled pretty good on me. I got us to church on time and ran around during Sacrament meeting trying to keep baby #3 quiet. I kept hearing Sister "A" comment someone stinks. Now I will not say if she thought it was me or someone else so I kept going.

To keep this short or from sounding judgemental, I kept hearing that comment around me for the next two hours. So I skipped out on the last 10 minutes of my calling. I was so bruised I took my children out of their classes earlier and walked around the building to avoid people. Sister "A" also did not speak to me at the end of church.

I have never been in a position to want to leave church early. I have been hit at church, told I was a failure in the eyes of Heavenly Father and not been spoken too but never have I WANTED to leave. Now.....Sister "A" is the lady who is over my calling so I have to talk to her at some point. I just wanted to vent that church is important to everyone no matter if they are rich poor smell bad or smell like roses. Sunday will be hard and I shed tears Monday. I can tell you that I usually don't offend...I promise.

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Krysten said...

I'm hoping she just has a sensitive sniffer and truly didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Good luck at church on Sunday!