Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where have I been?

I am making a goal of making sure I finish this post tonight. So much has changed from my two letters I penned to my children. Now I have added one more bundle of joy to our family. 5 is a big number and certainly something my hubby and I discussed while dating. We both came up with the number '4' when the idea of parenthood came up. Ahhh, and then real labor hits you. I think 3 is a wonderful number for us since my body just doesn't think labor should happen at all. I can't say I disagree. I am so excited for the next few years of my older children starting kindergarten and me having a wonderful opportunity to have some special time with baby number 3. I think a great alias for him would be Mr. Dimples. So since I have been neglecting the blog world, we will make this the official introduction for Mr. Dimples. 

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