Saturday, February 25, 2012

An open letter to my daughter

I wrote something for your older brother which means I had to do something for the princess. I think about you a lot. You are so much more clever than I ever will be. You're far more compassionate than I want to be and for that I thank you. I need reminders any given time of the day to be a nice, compassionate, kind person and that is everything you are to me. You are beyond excited for the change we will be going through and want to know everything that is going on.

I'm curious at times what you think of the world. You  have so many maternal qualities that you use with friends, and especially your older brother since you want to take care of him. I wonder if you think the world is a scary place? Some where fun? You sing every where we go. Not always willing to say your name but you sing more than I have energy to tell you it's important to use an inside voice. You have a wonderful knack for the arts, wanting to paint, draw and re-create what you see with your beautiful eyes. From the rising sun, to the falling snow you want to draw so I can explain how it works and why it's with us in the world. Will you be curious like I was? I wanted to be a scientist to learn why things what, what makes them tick. At times I get a streak, mostly because of you asking so many questions, but together we learn things that way.

Your hair is so pretty with is streaks of blonde, for which I seem to surprise people with. My husband is blonde can I not have children with blonde hair? Your eye lashes are so long and such a brunette shade it makes your eyes a great focus which gets so many compliments. I want to protect your beauty. I want you to stay innocent for ever really.I don't want your first heartache to ever come or for you to question why men act they way they do. I want you to be a romantic and love the idea of being in love. I hope so many things for you and about you that I can't wait for the to unfold for both of us. Will you be a dancer like you hope or become President of the United States. Both of which would make me so happy and nervous at the same time.

When I think of you, I think back to Maria from the Sound of Music. As she starts one of her many signature songs. Julie Andrews and her soaring voice starts ever so quietly "What will this day by like?" and you wake up every day energetic and excited to get the day started. One day my energy will be back and hopefully I will wake up just as you. I love that you still want to crawl in the bed with me and cuddle before I try rolling out of bed. It's the best wake up call ever. I love you.

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