Monday, August 15, 2011

I have started and restarted this post a million times in the past few days. We had such a wild week, no wonder I have no taken the time to write down any craziness. We live in a great place. Very close to the water, I feel very blessed  we were able to find a great duplex for our family. We live behind a restaurant, so during the day the kids get to see several different people park around our house to enjoy the restaurant. This can be great to see and also a pain in the hind quarters when I'm trying to run errands. When I come home during the day I am lucky if my parking spot is still open. It's not that it's a pain cause I have to park somewhere else(hasn't happened yet) it's because the upstairs neighbor is a bit of an unofficial parking authority. It's a little rattling especially with this weeks events.

Monday night, sleeping into Tuesday I had woken up for a quick second trying to get readjusted in bed when I heard the LOUDEST noise ever. I really wanted to go back to sleep(I have a hard time returning to sleep if I wake up suddenly) so I was trying my hardest to close my eyes and drift back to sleep. Something told me that the noise wasn't really a normal for the neighborhood. I knew that my hubby was up, so I walked out to the living room to find him gone. I heard him say as I was trying to sleep "I have to call you back(he was talking to his brother)". Suddenly he is walking back in the house asking for a few things and seems really focused on the events of outside. What I walked into shocked me awake.

There was a Subaru Outback on top of the fire hydrant behind the house. Yes, I said on top. The driver had knocked off the hydrant, and since it was a newer one, it wasn't spraying any water. There was a police officer out side that my husband was trying to give a description of the aftermath and the driver. I couldn't believe the scene. Some of the fencing was gone as well as some rocks and the hydrant! I could only provide a description of the loud noise but some other neighbors had talked to the officer who was on the scene.  As we were giving the information, I had the chance to see some deer walking by checking our the scene. The were very observant of the police, the car. The two deer just walked by slowly making their way up the street, probably thinking it's late for something like this.

The ending to this crash is a sad one. The officer called the registered owner who had no idea that their car was not outside their house. I felt so bad, especially due to the early hour(3:30 am by this time) and they completely confused as to why a police officer was calling them about their car. Seems this kid had the keys to the car, got spooked by something, an animal maybe and swerved to avoid hitting the animal. I saw a cat limping when I first walked outside, so that logic was no smart since it was so late and now there was a hit and run. Totally not cool.

Thursday morning was when the water company was camped out on our street, pounding away making room for a new hydrant. I saw the fire department, and ran the kids outside but it was wrong timing so we never were able to talk to the fire fighters(it was two women driving that big truck, rock on). $10,000 later for the city, and them doing a temporary fix(the paint job and some cosmetic work to the sidewalk is next) the crew was done around 5 or so.  Which leads to the next event....

Friday afternoon it was nap time. I was taking some nice me time(lying on the couch when I saw a police officer in the tight parking lot in front of the house. I was curious so I opened the door. He reported to me that someone who drives a white car(our car is white) had a verbal disagreement with a patron of the restaurant. I told him we stay indoors if we are home(kids are learning street rules still) and that we don't talk to the customers much. We've been here a month so if the neighbors get visitors it's hard to tell the difference between them and customers. So, he told me the customer said there was an argument and that he(the customer) came back to his car and noticed dents over the body of the car. WHAT????!!!! Where was I? And what day did this happen? Remember the "parking authority?" Now, I'm not blaming him cause I don't know what happened but, damage to someone's car just is not a smart move. I talk to the officer for maybe two minutes but was at a loss of who would or could do that to a car. 1st that's some quick detective work if you can figure out the car and did the bat(or whatever was used) have a  silencer on it? Cause remember I heard the hydrant, I'm sure I'd hear a car being remolded. Saturday the same police officer was back since the upstairs neighbor was back(he drives a white car as well) and he was doing some more for his investigation.

I'm on pins and needles as to what will happen next and if we will see more police action.....not. I just want it quiet when it's nap time and time for bed. That's all.

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